Thermal Imaging Detection

Thermal Imaging Detection in Hastings, East Sussex

1066 Gas Ltd offer a Thermal Imaging Detection service to allow us to pin point locate various issues within your Heating System.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging Detection are noted below:

  • Accurate location of cold spots within radiators which could be subject to “sludge” (magnetite) build up resulting in inefficient system performance also having an impact on your Boilers internal components being damaged due to blockages & corrosion.
Radiator Cold Spot Before
Radiator Cold Spot After
  • Leak Detection, Accurate location of leaking pipework in walls and flooring applications including Solid Concrete Floors, Suspended Floors, Tiled floors and many more finished surfaces to allow for minimal disruption when gaining access to carry out any repair works.
  • Underfloor Heating Maintenance/ Commissioning to allow for accurate location of heating zones that are struggling to get hot. We can apply the Thermal Imaging Detection to the floor space where the UFH zone is installed which will allow us to see the all circuits below the floor as to which are working correctly alongside the circuits which are failing to circulate.

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